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My Story

Growing up in Arizona I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to be creative. I would draw in my spare time and noticed the peace I felt when I was engaged in drawing or painting. I moved to New York when I was 18 and worked in a Production facility that produced TV commercials. I stayed in that business for 25 years and worked as editor and graphic artist in New York City. My work was quite demanding and I rarely did any art in those days. In 1990 I made a conscious decision to paint as often as I could. I needed to express on canvas what I could not express in my profession. I started to take months off from work and spent all my time painting. It was a journey of self discovery that left me feeling relaxed and fulfilled. I realized painting was a way to tap in to something deeper in my Self .

In 1996 I decided to move to Maplewood, New Jersey and I left the Post Production business and created a new and more nurturing and grounded life. I began teaching yoga which I had practiced for years and started walking dogs for a living. Life was good I began to really see how I could create the life I wanted.

My husband and I decided to move to Eugene, Oregon in 2006. I am living the life I want, close to nature in a clean environment and with people who are aware and appreciate life's gifts. With nature as my inspiration, I see new life in my paintings and once again creating art is a priority in my life and the journey continues to unfold. My heart is filled with gratitude for this beautiful life I live. The dream continues to manifest as I hold art classes and see how students begin their journey of self discovery through art.

The Sheep Story

Sheep received my attention in 2005 and they became the subject of my paintings. I was living in New Jersey and I believe my interest in sheep started from reading books about training Border Collies and working with sheep. I had been practicing yoga on a sheep-skin rug and started eating sheep milk yogurt. I would fantasize about working on sheep farms and started to search out local farms. It was odd at first, even to me. Why this sudden interest in sheep? I continued to think about sheep and I started researching the different breeds and my interest grew. Further research on the internet brought me to a sheep farm in Oregon and when I entered the site, a picture of a lamb appeared and I was moved to tears. Something really “had” me and I felt I was being led by the sheep. I started to paint from photos and started to search for farms so I could be around the real thing. My interest grew. The sheep kept pulling my attention to Oregon .There was no doubt, my husband and I had to move to Oregon. We sold the house in Jersey quickly and bought a house in Eugene, Oregon just as quick.

I continue to use sheep as a subject for my paintings. I get to hang out with folks that raise sheep and talk “sheep” with them. I attend sheep gatherings and the knitting and spinning groups. I still have no idea exactly why I got interested in sheep. I do know that sheep have been a great teacher and continue to bring me deeper into my own truth. All I have to do is sit back and follow their lead and let the sheep reveal this beautiful Life to me. I am so grateful.